Worship With us - 9AM & 10:45am - 112 n Wenas rd 

Jason Williams - Lead Pastor
Jason is a Follower of Jesus, husband to Christy, father of five great kids and friend. He is originally from Michigan but has lived and ministered in the Yakima Valley since 1998. Jason loves being active, coaching, being a part of his kid's sports and activities as well as enjoying many outdoor activities that NW provides.
Fast Fact: Jason is one of those people who loves black licorice, ask him why.

Darin Brown - Assoc. Pastor
Darin loves Jesus, his wife Debbie, 3 kids and a dog (in that order). He grew up in Iowa but joined the team at Harvest in 2014 after serving most recently in Minnesota. His oversight of Kids and Youth Ministry highlights his strengths of teaching, leading, and team building.
Fast Fact: Darin has a love for soccer jerseys from all over the world, ask him about his collection.

Josiah Shenk - Worship Director
Josiah is a disciple of Jesus whose wife (Anna) and two boys make him smile more than anything else. He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon but moved to the Yakima Valley in 2022. Josiah finds great joy in most things’ music and audio-technological. He loves working with his hands and creating many types of things from kitchen cabinets to custom electronics.
Fast Fact: Josiah has released a couple worship albums on Spotify, look him up and give a listen!

Jocelynn Bohannon - Kids Director
Jocelynn loves Jesus, her family, running, gardening and journaling. Jocelynn has been married to Evan for 10 years and they love being out in nature together. Evan and Jocelynn have a little boy named Rory. Jocelynn grew up in the Yakima Valley, went to college at Corban University for her degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Biblical studies.  She has a big heart for kids to understand God’s love, his truth and how we are called to carry out the Great Commission.
Fast Fact: Jocelynn loves journaling. Ask her why her journalling is different than you may think.

Darren Thomas - Elder
Darren is a born and bred Yakimanian with a heart for Jesus and the people of our valley.  His day to day career commitment is serving as one of the skilled Pharmacists here in our valley.  If you ask Darren what he loves, he will quickly respond that he loves his wife, Melissa, and their two boys.  
Fast Fact:  Darren graduated from a school in Pullman that is in the Pac12 and whose alumni bleed crimson and grey… go ahead and guess.

Kirk Bentley - Elder
Kirk loves God; and has been walking with Jesus his entire adult life.  Kirk has been married to his wife Wendy nearly as long and they have walked with Jesus together.  They have two adult children and two grandsons.  Kirk has enjoyed working in all types of agriculture, but his occupational career has been in the post-harvest apple industry.  Kirk also enjoys all of God’s creation, especially the mountains; with way too many recreational interests to keep up with. 
Fast Fact:  Ask Kirk about his favorite outdoor recreational pursuit; depending on the season and if he gets to go with his grandsons.

Rob Williams - Elder
Rob loves Jesus, his family, running, and being outdoors. Rob has been married to Kay for forty years and loves to hear her laugh.  Rob & Kay have three grown children and five grandchildren. Rob has served the Yakima Valley for 32 years as a physician in the area of gastroenterology and now leads and cares for other physicians. 
Fast Fact:  Rob is an amazing runner, ask him what his favorite marathon has been.  

Daphne Yusi - Ministy Assistant
Daphne loves Jesus, being a wife to Mike, and a step-mom to Sawyer and Jasper.  She is passionate about serving her family.  You can find Daphne helping the boys with homework, decorating the house, feeding the chickens, playing with their puppy (Meeks), watching Mike work on the tractor, or reading about anything homestead related.
Fast Fact:  Daphne was a dance instructor in Europe. Ask her what dance she taught.