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LifeGroups Spring 2018

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!ql - Galatians

   The Book of GALATIANS - 6-week study

In the world of competing ideologies, opinions, and beliefs, we pray that the book of Galatians will give you a clear picture of the beauty and profound message of the good news about Jesus.

  Sunday night Groups - starting May 6

  • Fry's home Selah (6:00-7:30PM) 
  • Mayes' home Yakima (6:00-7:30PM)  
  • Rath's home Selah (6:00-7:30PM)    FULL
  • Wachsmith's home Gleed (6:00-7:30PM) 

  Monday night Groups - starting May 7 

  • Hines' home Selah (6:30-8:00PM) 

  Tuesday night Groups - May 8

  • Bohannon's home West Valley (6:30-8:00PM)
  • Brown's home Selah  (7:00-8:30PM) 


   Click on the image below for a quick view of our Galatians study.