Harvest Worship Services will be "in-person" at a Drive-in service and Live Streaming on Sundays at 10 AM (PDT).  

Find our Live Stream here: https://www.facebook.com/harvestchurchselah/

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Harvest UPdate - 3.31.20

An Update of Encouragement and Instruction for the People of Harvest...

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Coronavirus Communication Update

Here is our NEW plan on how we can continue to function as church on mission during a time of great uncertainty....

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Why we moved to the ESV

First, it must be stated clearly that the Lord in his sovereignty has used and will continue to use many different English translations to build up his church. This isn’t to say that all translations are the same or that it doesn’t matter which translation we use. It’s simply an acknowledgment that God’s Word is sufficiently communicated in many...

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Genesis and Revelation

The scriptures for many seems random or haphazard. The Truth is that it is very consistent from beginning to end. This is clearly demonstrated by comparing/contrasting the first three chapters in the book of Genesis and the last three chapters in the book of Revelation. The Word of God is "Living and Active" and it's consistency is a work of beauty. Read it. Respond to...

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There is no place like Home!

In Jesus' parable of the Two lost Sons -he eludes to a powerful reality we call "home". Deep within the heart of every person is a longing for home. Home carries with it a sense of peace, comfort and belonging. This longing for home powerfully impacted the younger son in Jesus' parable. We all have a longing in our hearts for something better, a better place, a place where...

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A Season of Community Building

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1 Summertime just has a different rhythm to it. It is a more relaxed pace for many including holidays, vacations and time spent with family and friends. The summertime can also be a great time to build "community" through relationships. Don't miss opportunities to have friends an...

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