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NEW not Improved

September 25, 2011 Series: Your Kingdom Come

Topic: Biblical Passage: Matthew 5:7–5:12

Religion across the globe and across time is based on our ability to please God by what we do.  Religion is always telling us to be "better", to "do" more and how to improve ourselves to show our devotion to God.  The problem is God does not want a "better, shinier, improved" you...he wants a NEW you.  In the opening words of Jesus' famous 'sermon on the mount' we are introduced to the reality that entering the Kingdom of Heaven and living for the Kingdom is impossible on our own.  Jesus is the only one who can allow entrance into his kingdom through faith.  He is the one who can make us merciful, give us a pure heart, make us into peacemakers and sustain us in the midst of persecution.  Cast off religion and hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Be ReMade not just Rehabilitated!


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