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Thank you for checking into our adopt a school program.  Harvest has chosen to adopt the Selah Intermediate School (S.I.S.) in our community partnership with the Selah School District.  The goal is to be an ally in the process of helping kids to grow and develop academically as well as socially.  We get to partner with the school in serving the local families in Selah!

There are a few ways to get involved.  You could be a reading buddy, Lunchroom helper, teacher’s aid, recess helper, special events helper, snacks for the staff break room,  or help with the weekly store for kids to spend their good behavior tokens.  The ways to serve are long and can be tailored to your skills and the school’s need.  There really are two ways to volunteer for the school.  You can volunteer in person and serve in the building to bless the staff and the students, or you can provide a resource such as baked goods for staff appreciation or $5 gift cards for the staff to use for team building prizes and moral boosters, writing notes of encouragement and other things that don't involve you being present in the building. Both areas are a need that Harvest can meet. 

Three simple steps to volunteer:

  1. All volunteers who serve on the campus in person must do a background check which is good for two years.  Click here (https://selahvolunteers.hrmplus.net/) to fill out the online form to volunteer.
  2. Then send Pastor Darin an email (darin@harvestcc.com) so that he knows you are interested and have filled out the form
  3. Set up a time to do a short orientation with Darin and the staff at SIS to find out how you would like to serve and when.  We have a team of people from Harvest who are coordinating the Adopt a School volunteers who will help you get plugged in to serve.


For January/February we could use some more in person volunteers to help kids who are falling behind.

Also we want to bless the staff with some prizes of gift cards to local shops ($5).

If you are able to help in the Library, that is a great option as well. 

Follow the link above to get started on volunteering.  Once you get the form filled out let us know at the office so we can help get you plugged in.  

If you have any questions please let Darin know.  If you served last year and are ready to jump back in go ahead and start with step 2 and let’s get you started!!