Two services on Sundays - 9AM & 10:45AM
112 N Wenas, Selah WA

Join us sundays at 9 AM & 10:45 AM

God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship
in spirit and in truth. John 4:24

When you come to Harvest it’s our goal to celebrate the fact that God, the Creator of everything including you and me, is not only aware of who each of us are, but has gone to great lengths to get our attention and opened a way, through Jesus, for us to have a day to day relationship, a close friendship, with Him.

We intend to use our minds and our hearts to focus on the wonder of who God is and the incredible gifts He’s offered to us freely. Things like peace through the good and the bad times, hope for today and the future, an anchor we can depend on in rough times and a Father who will never leave us or forget us.

Worship is our response,
both personal and corporate, to God
for who He is and what He has done!
-Louie Giglio (The Air I Breathe)